PISA PERSPECTIVES #25 - November 2017

Let me introduce you: Bank Note Dormouse, Guilder Gnome, Deposit Protection

Pisa Perspectives is focused on the topic “finances” this fall, 2017.

On the occasion of participation in an exhibition at the campus of WU Wien’s (University of Business Administration and Economics) marketing department, everything is focused on securities, stocks and bonds; an exciting, ambiguous topic.

While rummaging through old certificates, bank notes and papers, Eva Pisa has unearthed all sorts of peculiar creatures…the guilder gnome, the securities guard, the bank note dormouse…a collector of coins.

Step by step, these beings establish themselves in satyrical drawings, in a very special technique, which consists of several layers and is drawn on primed paper with quill and ink.

Many of us are concerned about our savings, our reserve funds, but that is the reason for deposit guarantee, granted by the State, confirming that our money is safe in financial institutions…

The hope being that we will not lose our faith, since the Austrian deposit guarantee clerk guards and governs it…

Immerse yourself in the new securities Pisa Perspectives.