Pisa Perspektiven

Let me introduce you: Bank Note Dormouse, Guilder Gnome, Deposit Protection

Pisa Perspectives is focused on the topic “finances” this fall, 2017.

On the occasion of participation in an exhibition at the campus of WU Wien’s (University of Business Administration and Economics) marketing department, everything is focused on securities, stocks and bonds; an exciting, ambiguous topic.

Pisa perspectives are shifting into high gear!

For the first time, BURN-IN and Eva Pisa present the new motive series "disrupted communication" in a short film - failed or faulty communication, nothing major, no conflict or collision - but rather getting one's wires crossed, the little misunderstandings of everyday life...people in my pictures pass one another by...their ways cross without actually encountering each other and drift away in opposite directions.

In order to enjoy a beautiful relaxing summer it is important to be assured that we won’t have any existential financial issues.

That is the purpose of deposit guarantee - a confirmation of the state that our money is safely resting in various financial institutions.

I hope to not lose that faith, especially since the deposit guarantee clerk has his hand on it, and watches and governs…

This April I am looking at the topic “finances” on the occasion of an exhibition  with the beautiful name “securities” - pun intended.

When rummaging through old papers, bills and certificates I unearthed all kinds of quirky beings, like the Guilder Gnome or the Securities Guard.

The exhibition of druck werk/printed work can be seen in the Burg Perchtoldsdorf as well as in the new WU Wien as an impulse for professors and students this fall…

With the first warming rays of sunlight, changes take place in the garden in front of the studio.

From safe hiding spots, cavities, cracks, and cocoons, life reaches for the light.

Next to old friends from flora and fauna we also encounter surprises at times!

The trees in front of the studio window are still rigid from the cold; but in just a few weeks they will all awake again, even the inhabitants of the trees - the insects, the worms, the gnomes, and imps…along with the first tips of the wild garlic leaves!

All creative people probably know this situation - nothing works, the flow of work is stuck…in that case it is nice if the inspiring muse stops by!

Especially important and desirable: a muse-impulse at the beginning of the New Year…

Just in time for this Christmas season I present the space saving Christmas tree ornament regarding growing world population…

from afar it is ornamental and environmentally friendly, but close up it poses a problem.

Families, just like all relationships, are subject to constant change. Times of strong sense of belonging alternate with times of alienation and loosening. The ties, however, stay with us throughout our entire life.

A drastic experience for parents: Children leave home.

Some choose a dramatic exit, others exit reluctantly and delayed, while leaving some of their possessions with the parents, just in case…